About Me

Hello! I'm Prom Jack Sirisukha, nicknamed PJ.

I'm a passionate and driven second-year student at Auckland University of Technology, majoring in Computer Science and Software Development. I have always been captivated by the world of technology and its potential to shape the future. I have a passion for developing innovative solutions and bringing ideas to life.

Creating personal projects helped me to explore different aspects of software development and improve my skillset. I thrive on challenges and constantly seek opportunities to further expand my knowledge and improve my coding abilities. I also enjoyed the creative process of designing user-friendly interfaces.

Feel free to reach out for any questions.

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    Auckland University of Technology (2022-2024)
    Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences -
    majoring in Computer Science and Software Development
  • GitHub - Push, Pull, Committ, Pull Requests, Merge
  • NetBeans - Debugging, JUnit Test Framework, Swing GUI Builder, JBDC
  • Eclipse - Debugging, Object-Oriented-Programming
  • Visual Studio Code - Website Coding

My Main Skills

Java Programming

I have developed my Java programming skills through the development of multiple projects. My personal favourite is a AI chess program, through the implementation of the minimax algorithm and utilisation of data structures.

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Web Design

Creating a portfolio website using HTML,CSS, and JavaScript have allowed me to develop my web design and coding skills. Through this project, I have gained hands-on experience in creating a visually appealing yet simple interfaces. I have incorporated responsive design, and interactive elements.

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UI/UX Design

In my IT project management class, I have honed my UI/UX design skills by creating a student job seeking app. Through user research and iterative design, I have successfully developed a user-centered interface that addressed the student needs.

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My Portfolio

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